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  Why are we here?

Our mission...

The mission of the Men's Health Centre is to bring to men's health a new refreshing approach where men feel free to explore all aspects of their personal health and well-being in a setting of the highest professional standards and current knowledge.


The Centre...

The Centre promotes a multi-disciplanary team approach to men's health through the use of expert-panel derived protocols. The professional staff are MD's and PhD's, specialists in urology, andrology and counselling to offer a complete male health programme suitable for all men over the age of 35.

Our Patients...

It is an interesting fact that there are nearly ten million "baby boomers" (men and women between the ages of 35 and 56) living in Canada. While this figure comprises only one-third of our population, baby boomers control 75% of the nations assets and represent 41% of consumer demand. It is in this affluent group as well as the generation above them that we are seeing so many of the so-called lifestyle diseases. It is disconcerting and rather harrowing in fact that the disease with the highest increase in incidence in the past few years has been Type II diabetes, almost exclusively linked to diet and exercise with more than 55% of us bein overweight. It is in this age group that andropause is prevalent too.

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