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Natural Treatment Options
There are many vitamins, herbs, potions and concoctions that claim to improve testosterone, male libido and sexual functioning. For almost all the preparations available on the shelves of the health food stores, very few have any scientific validation regarding the effect on testosterone, except for two.

Please remember the natural products mentioned in this section are mentioned solely to provide you with current knowledge of such products and by discussing them herein the providers of this site are in no way promoting their use, do not recommend their use and will not be held responsible for their use. Always consult the use of such products with your healthcare provider.

Tribulus Terrestis (Puncture Vine) has been shown in a few clinical trials to increase blood levels of testosterone by up to 30 percent. However, those studies were done on younger men, who have a much more responsive testosterone production system, than most older gentlemen.

MACA is an herb made from a radish, which only grows high in the mountains of Peru. MACA has a history dating back over 400 years among the Mayan Indians of Peru, for the sexual stimulation, virility and fertility enhancement. The active herbal compound has recently been manufactured in a capsule available in the health food store. An observational clinical trial using MACA has shown increases in testosterone levels from 10-80 percent. In men over age 60 and/or with severe diabetes and coronary artery disease, the improvement was minimal, if any.

Excerpted from Sex For Life by David Saul, M.D. Copyright 1999. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the author.

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