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Since peak production of testosterone occurs during your sleep, if there is sleep deprivation on a regular basis, your testosterone levels can be affected. Therefore, it is important to get the required amount of total sleep and REM (rapid eye movement or dream sleep) every night. For most people, seven to eight hours should be the minimum daily requirement. Catching up on sleep on Sunday mornings by sleeping until noon won't do it, for testosterone or health, in general.

A sleep study may be required to assess your sleep architecture and possible sleep apnea. Some simple advice to improve sleep routine: take a hot bath before bed; avoid alcohol before bed and try warm milk instead (for the increased tryptophan to possibly increase your melatonin); avoid exercise too close to bedtime; have sex before going to sleep; and finally, when all else fails, counting sheep is not too bad.

Excerpted from Sex For Life by David Saul, M.D. Copyright 1999. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the author.

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